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Ann Maree O'callaghan

Ann Maree is a skilled business consultant, facilitator, mentor and stakeholder engagement professional. She specialises in strategic planning and business development along with people development. With a focus on regional and remote Australia, she has worked with community, industry and the corporate sector - centred on Indigenous business development; agri-business, SME’s and the corporate sector; conservation and natural resource management; community consultation; stakeholder engagement; governance; and strategy. Ann Maree is constantly at the interface of assisting people, communities, industry and businesses to prosper.

Her Story

Ann Maree particularly relishes the chance to find strategic pathways and solutions, navigating through complexity and uncertainty. This “laser beam” approach and strong strategic ability combined with exceptional people skills, enables effective focus. Prior to establishing Value Creators, Ann Maree spent ten years in strategic planning and business development across a variety of industries, six years with the Indigenous Land Corporation, and more than ten years with land management agencies in WA and NSW.

Ann Maree seeks to embrace change and transformation knowing that maintaining status quo is not always enough. She knows that for change and transformation to stick, new ways of doing things are needed and this takes courage, teamwork and guided support. She loves taking on new challenges outside of her comfort zone – and it’s here the thrill of success and the feeling of confidence kicks in, and real growth occurs. For Ann Maree this might be participating in a marathon, even an ultra-marathon, or simply doing something she has never done before.

Having taken these risks with a structured and focused approach, Ann Maree knows what it takes and applies this knowledge and insight to the benefit of others, to serve both their personal and business goals. She has spent years at the forefront of breaking new ground, challenging herself and inspiring others to do the same. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and her laser beam approach has proven to deliver outstanding results.

Ann Maree donates her free time to community and sporting groups and sits on the Board of Management for the Food, Fibre & Timber Industries Training Council (WA) Inc. She is an Associate at Here Financial and is an Adjunct at the University of WA School of Agriculture. Ann Maree is a Graduate member of Australian Institute of Company Directors, a member of the Ag Institute of Australia and the Australian Institute of Management.

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