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what we do

We develop the skills to manage and navigate successful change, deliver improved organisational culture and create value, at all levels. The Value Creators advantage is that we are dedicated to people AND business growth. We do this via our Business Growth Hub Model. Think of this as a spinning wheel – people, business and industry focus where and when needed.


Individual - programs tailored to support personal growth at any stage - consolidate skills for a desired future, kickstart a career, or leap into the next horizon.

Business - designed for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and established businesses looking to grow and transform to a whole new level. It is important not to diversify without a considered approach. We can help with business evaluation, new product development, pre-feasibility studies, planning for investment, new market identification and prioritisation, resulting in business transformation

Industry - unique growth designed to directly translate to long term industry benefits. We create the space and opportunity to bring together industry participants to focus on collaboration and growth.​

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Recent Success

project portfolio

Through our business, people, and industry growth platforms, we accelerate ideas and build people with the talent and potential to grow. We run business innovation programs sparking new thinking, to renew and transform existing ventures. We regularly facilitate stakeholder workshops resulting in clear strategic direction. Our programs, facilitation, business coaching and mentoring have helped thousands of organisations create focus, gain confidence, and plan for a vibrant future.


The examples listed below highlight our depth of experience across people, business and industry growth. Below are examples of our ability to systematically research, facilitate, consult, collate, and prepare reports with concise pragmatic recommendations.​​

Mentoring and Coaching

Consultation Services


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