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Lauren Schutz

As a FINSIA accredited professional qualified banker, Lauren has had over 20 years experience in finance and banking working in the agriculture, wholesale, retail, mining and commercial industries.  Her talent lies in business coaching, dissecting the strategic issues of businesses and help mentor in areas of financial management, sales growth, risk analysis and business performance.  Lauren has also worked with individuals as a coach and mentor to help elevate their skill levels. During her career in the banking industry, Lauren was recognised for her leadership abilities nominated to participate in the highly regarded Elevate and Breakthrough leadership programs. 

Her Story

As part of the Value Creators Team, Lauren brings her strategic coaching and facilitation capabilities to the fore-front, working across professions and industries to help people and business thrive.    

Outside of work, Lauren is a passionate community member who has been involved in a number of community organisations over the years taking on leadership roles. Lauren also served as a board member for the Federally funded Regional Development- Wheatbelt, providing strategic direction and insight.  

Having worked across multiple industries during her career in banking and finance, Lauren has had the opportunity to experience a range of economic environments, with small thorough to large businesses, helping them achieve their strategic and economic goals. Lauren’s ability to uncover the risks and strategic issues within businesses has allowed her to help elevate people and businesses to more profitable levels.  

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